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What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue provides email marketing services as well as Short Message Service or SMS campaigns and what’s known as “transactional” emails that include things like order confirmations, password resets, and account creations.

It starts at $25 each month for the Lite Plan. It also delivers a feature-limited free plan. The only downside of SendinBlue is it can be hard to utilize sometimes. It’s also not compatible with third-party apps, plugins and other software, which restricts possible methods of uploading contacts.

SendinBlue is highly-recommended if:

SendinBlue is one of the most effective tools when it comes to transactional and trigger-based emails. It has an automation workflow designer that lets you create campaigns activated by certain actions such as opens, clicks and website visits. Aside from this, it offers committed transactional section that allows messages like sign-up, password resets, and purchase confirmations. You can even request for an option to send a phone text message. SendinBlue truly takes email marketing to the next level.

SendinBlue turns out to be cheaper compared to other email marketing tools. If you are looking for a low-cost yet topnotch service that comes with efficient automation, versatile personalization, and state of the art segmentation, it’s a great option.

Since it has customizable triggers based on the capacity to import customer orders, purchase data, and custom KPIs, SendinBlue is the right tool to assist online marketers who want to improve the performance of their business.

SendinBlue is unsuitable if:

SendinBlue is only capable of setting-up login access for multiple users who are on Enterprise and Premium plans.

SendinBlue Pricing

All the available plans in SendinBlue offers unlimited contacts at corresponding pricing levels according to the number of emails sent monthly. It offers five plans that are guaranteed to fit anyone’s budget and requirements. Its Free Plan comes with unlimited contacts and can send 600 emails every day or about 18,000 each month. Its Lite Plan is $25 each month and could send 40,000 emails, its Essential Plan is $35 each month and could send 60,000 emails, and its Premium Plan is $66 each month and could send 120,000 emails. SendinBlue also offers a variable rate Enterprise Plan for businesses that need to send more than 120,000 each month.

Free Plan

The Free Plan available in SendinBlue works as a great limited feature free trial, but it does not expire and it does not demand a credit card. To test and check it out, sign up with your email address, company name, and password.

You have to confirm your email address first, but for the meantime, you can begin building a campaign, transferring contacts, and finishing your profile. Normally, these emails will arrive right away but expect that it can also take a few minutes after you have signed up. They will send a Welcome email from the CEO of the company aside from the confirmation email. The Welcome email contains the links to the videos and articles that will help you get started, as well as a link to the email support and Help section.

Here are the amazing advantages that you can enjoy when using SendinBlue Free Account:

  • Free forever
  • Unlimited Contacts
  • API Access
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Transactional Emails Included
  • Send up to 9,000 emails per month (up to 300 per day)
  • No contract and no credit card needed
  • Advanced Contact Manager & Sign-up Forms
  • Phone & Email Support
sendinblue price


SendinBlue’s free version is the only plan that has a daily sending limit but the Lite version comes with built-in SendinBlue logo in every email. However, don’t worry because there is an option where you can remove this, simply avail the Essential plan which costs $25 each month or higher.

Features of Lite Plan:

  • Unlimited Contacts
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • API Access
  • Advanced Contact Manager & Sign-up Forms
  • Send up to 40,000 emails monthly
  • Phone & Email Support
  • Transactional Emails Included
  • API Access

Essential Plan

Essential Plan costs $39 per month and can send up to 60,000 emails every month.

It comes with all micro plan features, plus: advanced reporting to know:


Premium Plan

Premium Plan costs $66 per month and can send up to 120,000 emails on a monthly.

It comes with all micro and bronze plan features, plus:


Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan costs $173 a month and can send more than 120,000 emails monthly.

It comes with all micro and bronze plan features, plus:


SendinBlue an expert when it comes to email marketing and it is evident in their carefully devised monthly plans. They’ve created some smart options to assist businesses market their business through email campaigns, email segmentation, automation, personalization, and landing pages, as well as forms equipped for improving conversions.

Apart from its free plan, it has paid plans that begin at $25 for as much as 40,000 emails. This makes them one of the better low-cost providers. Feature-wise, it’s clear that SendinBlue knows what they are doing. If you want to try out what they could offer, test out their free plan to experience it first-hand. If you like their state of the art marketing automation, it wouldn’t hurt your budget if you start availing of their paid plan.

*30-day free trial

SendinBlue Features

If you are a business owner, you are probably know the value of exceptional email marketing and what it can contribute to your business. However, what you need is help on which one to work with because there are numerous providers out there.

sendinblue features

SendinBlue is an innovative email marketing service that offers everything you need to upgrade the marketing mechanism of your business. It offers SMS campaigns and transactional emails, which is responsible for managing order confirmations, account creations, password resets and other requirements of an eCommerce platform. SendinBlue is also known for their feature-limited Free plan and it’s most affordable package begins at $7.37 each month, which is easy on the budget if you compare it with other marketing alternatives. However, just like other services offered online, SendinBlue also has its share of disadvantages. The only downside that you might face is it can be hard to use at times.

SendinBlue helps businesses establish and improve relationships with their clients through refined marketing campaigns, marketing automation, and transactional messaging. They can do this by setting up powerful SMS messaging and email services in one, user-friendly solution. Specifically, you can get the following perks from using SendinBlue’s services:

  • Sophisticated newsletters to make your campaigns appealing – SendinBlue helps you produce newsletters with high-quality and appropriate content to capture the interest of your target market. The equipment is very easy to use. For example, the templates can instantly be customized using drag and drop tools.
  • Leverage marketing automation – SendinBlue provides clean and modern automation workflow templates that you can utilize to generate faster workflow and improve user experience. Their webhook feature allows you to combine the marketing automation platform with email and SMS platforms from SendinBlue, as well as other related services.
  • Improve the send time of your emails – SendinBlue optimizes the open and click-through rates of your email by utilizing an algorithmic feature to select the most suitable delivery time for your message based on your selected date. To determine the accurate send time, SendinBlue makes us of the historic open-times of your contacts or the past campaign activities of a contact list – for first-time recipients.
  • Create a dynamic list – You can build a dynamic list based on a group of pre-determined filters such as your search criteria. This list gets updated automatically every day. This SendinBlue feature is important when you need to create the latest list from segmenting contacts.
  • Tools of the trade – SendinBlue specializes in different automated responses from welcome emails to abandoned cart reminders. They use the latest technology to help you manage your contacts more efficiently while also making sure that your communications with clients and prospects are optimized.
  • Smart scheduling – A robust engine helps you remove blind spots and choose only the most accurate time to send those emails that you have expertly crafted.
  • Actionable analytics – Relevant tools such as heat map and precise statistics will help you grow in the right path to enhance your past campaigns. 


Sendinblue Pros and Cons

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  • Though SendinBlue doesn’t have a free trial, their free plan serves as a free trial without the timeout period or credit card requirement. The signup procedure is easy and it won’t take long. SendinBlue will only ask you to fill up a form with your business name, email address, and password. After that, you can start transferring contacts and building a campaign. Always remember that you have to verify your email first before you can send a campaign.When making a subscriber list, you need to transfer your files in either TXT or CSV, then add them manually to the list or copy and paste them. Note that SendinBlue does not allow third-parties so your upload capacity will be limited.When it comes to the user interface, SendinBlue is straightforward and easy to learn. You will recognize all the main features of the tool in no time. You can find the main menu at the top, which will lead you to your automation, contact management, campaigns, and transactional email. From the sidebar menu, you can find your SMS, emails, Facebook ads, templates, settings, and statistics. SendinBlue will help you build your campaign in an easy step-by-step manner. First, you have to set the major details including the campaign name and subject line of the email.


  • SendinBlue will be able to identify email addresses and customer names, however, it can’t identify genders, dates, and other text fields. To resolve this, you can add them manually later or build a brand new feature and field type then map it. You can also choose not to upload these fields at all. Most people find this stressful and annoying, especially SendinBlue’s lack of ability to identify additional fields and the fact that it does not support third parties.Besides this, creating a campaign in SendinBlue is extremely easy. However, it doesn’t have ready-made templates that could be convenient to users. You will have to create all of your templates, but you can import HTM files. There are also several issues reported with regards to the functionality of the responsive options with customers saying that SendinBlue makes designing and using responsive options extremely difficult.The fact that SendinBlue is stressful to use at times, you can at least take advantage of their committed customer support. You can find the help button that provides helpful information and their FAQs and tutorials are categorized by topic. However, the downside is it takes numerous clicks before you can finally get the accurate info that you needed.You can also ask assistance from the technical support via a support ticket using your account center and reach out to SendinBlue through the website’s form or call a toll-free contact number. However, the majority of their chat and phone options are directed to sales inquiry.


Effective email marketing is a vital component of an online business. Even though the current business environment is dominated by social media platforms, contacting people through email is still effective, especially for business transactions. Digital marketers prefer to slim down their operating costs to earn a larger revenue. This is where SendinBlue becomes helpful. It is an incredible email marketing platform that can help you improve your marketing campaigns. If you are still hesitant on whether they are effective, you can use the free plan to test out the features without paying anything. It works just like a free trial but you get to access all the features they offer. If you like their sophisticated and budget-friendly marketing tools, you can upgrade to a paid plan where you can access additional features and perks, as well as bigger send volume.

If you are into email marketing, SendinBlue will help you in a lot of ways. It is a great platform to start with because it works well with Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, and other eCommerce platforms where SendinBlue has plugins for their platforms. It is also a convenient tool that can deliver responsive SMS to clients, though you have to pay the additional cost to unlock this feature.

The only problem with SendinBlue is its complicated setups and inability to provide template options. It also lacks support features such as surveys and polls. If you don’t mind facing these issues, SendinBlue will work great on your business.

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