SEOprofiler Review

What is SEOprofiler?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the practice of increasing web traffic and brand exposure through “organic” or non-paid search engine results.  There is so much to understand about search engines, but it also entails people doing the searching and the answers for what they are seeking. If you have an online business and you want to increase traffic to your site, SEOprofiler is the All-In-One SEO tool that might help you succeed.

This cloud-based internet marketing tool helps websites get higher ranks in search engine results like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. SEOprofiler allows a website to direct traffic to them and gain potential customers in the process. This marketing solution assures online business owners that they are following search engine guidelines especially those set by Google.

SEOprofiler offers various tools to help companies to move forward and achieve their goals. There are link builders, keyword suggestions, URL monitors and many others. With SEOprofiler, online businesses, whether they are just starting up or those who wish to enhance their online presence, will gain an edge over competitors. With SEOprofiler’s professional SEO tools, your business websites have improved chances of achieving better search engine results.

Additionally, these tools offered by SEOprofiler makes everything simpler for business owners. Among the processes involved in enhancing SEO, the workflow becomes more efficient and staff can better focus their energies on other parts of the business marketing strategies.

SEOprofiler - Ranking Data Overview

What are the SEOprofiler Pricing and Plans Available?

One of the reasons online businesses are hesitant to try out SEO tools is the price range of the services and products offered. SEOprofiler comes in four major price options to allow companies to assess their needs and subscribe to a plan that suits them best.

Standard Plan

This plan allows for 500 keywords daily ranking check and 20,000 pages of website audits. It allows for a single user, processes up to 10 projects and yields standard reports. The plan is for $69.95 for a monthly payment but you can get it at $46 per month if subscribed for a year.

Smart Plan

This plan covers 1,000 keywords daily ranking check, up to 50,000 web page audits, 5 users, 50 projects, white-label reports, and a disinfection tool for link building. This plan is at $99.95 per month but you can get it at $65 per month for an annual subscription.

Professional Plan

This plan has up to 2,500 keyword check for daily rank, web page audit of up to 150,000 pages, 150 projects, and 15 users. It also gives white-label reports and has a link disinfection tool. This plan is available at $249.95 per month or you can get it at only $164 per month on an annual subscription.

Enterprise Plan

This plan allows for up to 10,000 keyword ranking check and about 750,000 web page audits. With this plan, companies can process unlimited projects and have unlimited users.  It also yields white-label reports and has a link disinfection tool. This plan is priced at $999.95 per month but you can get it for $659 per month on an annual subscription.

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SEOprofiler Features

SEOprofiler is a highly recommended all-in-one tool for search engine optimization success. This cloud-based tool supports various operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and other web-based devices. It is available in English and German.

Businesses can choose to have monthly service payments or subscribe annually to get better deals. It is cloud-based thus, it is accessible in various devices and does not need a huge storage for installment. They serve online businesses who are just starting up as well as medium and large enterprises. 

Business owners who take on SEOprofiler tools for their business can take advantage of various services offered. Here are some of the most common:

Daily Rank Monitoring

Using SEOprofiler allows websites to ascertain their daily ranking in various search engines. The monitoring part is not just limited to a specific geography and spans up to 120 countries and 92,000 cities around the world. Using this tool gives companies the data they need to know where they stand so that they can plan better strategies to improve their rank and attract more clients.

Website Audits

SEOprofiler - Audit tool

Companies having a hard time climbing up on the search engine ranking will benefit a lot in using the SEOprofiler tools. They have marketing solutions which audit web pages automatically to make sure that there are no on-page errors. It also eases off the manual tasks involved in doing the on-page edits.

Website Optimization

Websites that are search engine optimized have higher chances of climbing up the search engine results page (SERP) and they become more visible to potential customers. SEOprofiler can help online businesses with their on-page search engine optimization and web page indexing to ensure that the website content is in-line with SEO guidelines and practices.

Link Building

Quality backlinks are at the core of search engine rankings. With SEOprofiler, online businesses will be able to identify relevant pages which can be linked to their site. An all-in-one SEO tool will help companies manage backlinks and check on their status regularly. This will ensure that the backlinks are still working and that it will be effective in leading people to their site. Link building leads to higher site traffic and the chances of getting more potential customers also increases.

SEOprofiler - Backlinks Analysis tool

Social Media Monitoring

People are always checking out their social media accounts and online businesses can use this to gather potential customers. With SEOprofiler, companies are provided with the right tools that can help them monitor social media sites for mentions about their brand and business. This way, the company can quickly react to posts and engage with customers. Social media engagement is essential in building stronger relationships with businesses and customers leading to stronger brand loyalty.

Analytics and Reporting

With this SEO tool, websites can connect to their Google Analytics account and monitor their website statistics more efficiently. SEOprofiler and Google Analytics provide comprehensive reporting on the website’s search engine ranking and status. This is much easier than logging-in on various sites and accounts just to come up with a complete report.

Project Management

Additionally, this all-in-one SEO tool also allows companies to check all of their websites from a single platform. Using SEOprofiler streamlines workflow as most SEO projects will be accessible from a single place. Staff handling the account also becomes visible in the interface and improving team accountability and organization.

User-friendly Interface

SEOprofiler - Dashboard Interface

One main factor why SEOprofiler ranks much higher than its competitors is that it is easier to use than most SEO toolset. Since it is cloud-based, there is no need to install a program or software, which may not be compatible with your operating system version.

Once you have logged into the member’s area, you will see that it has a very modern, organized and user-friendly interface. There is no need for complicated explanations on how to operate things in here. The site layout is very intuitive and everything is strategically placed for this purpose.

It allows for user convenience in search engine and backlink analysis, social media statistics, website audits, and rank monitoring. All of these are located in easy to understand and simple to navigate categories.

The members’ area has everything you might need for checking, monitoring and strategizing your SEO campaign. It has the area for website auditor, rank profiler, search engine optimization, link building, backlink profiling, AdWords analysis, social media monitoring as well as client report generation.

It has everything you will ever need for monitoring website ranking, health and generation of reports. SEOprofiler has earned a reputation for being an all-in-one SEO toolset and these things just prove that they do have all you need for your SEO campaign.

SEOprofiler Pros and Cons

Works in congruence with Google – One of the best things about using SEOprofiler is that it works according to the search engine guidelines set by Google. In some cases, online businesses are not sure whether their SEO software is doing them more harm than good. It is best to find an ally who will put the effort into providing you the tools that work well with Google. This way, your site’s traffic, and rankings will continue to rise and will not be assigned to the blacklisted category.

Apart from website monitoring, link building, web audits, and analytics, these are the top advantages of SEOprofiler to guide you to your online success.


  • Cross-Team Functionality: This online tool is more than just an SEO toolset. It features cross-team and cross-agent functionality. Companies can create projects and websites with agents teaming up to complete and work on different parts of it. Employers can even outsource some tasks to virtual workers with this feature. If you work with a team, the SEOprofiler makes it easier for your business to create a harmonious SEO functioning core group.
  • Spy on Your Competitors: Being able to check on your competitors’ activities allows you to better prepare on your marketing strategies. This toolset allows you to spy on the rankings of your top competitors along with the keywords that they are capitalizing and getting them more traffic. With this, you can focus your SEO campaigns to become more effective and sway those potential customers from their site to yours.
  • Spying on Competitors’ PPC Campaigns: Another amazing feature is that you can spy on the keywords as well as the ads that your competitors are bidding or paying for. Using Google AdWords analytics through this tool lets you know which competitor ads are getting the most engagement so you can strategize your paid traffic and marketing plans well.
  • Quality Link Building: in the world of backlinks, quality is essential. Sometimes, the backlinks you’ve placed brings more negative results resulting in a drop in reputation. This can penalize your rankings rather than bring it to the top. SEOprofiler allows you to assess specific backlinks for quality and check whether the source is worth pursuing, or if it is better to just remove the backlinks. It has a disinfectant tool which removes troublesome backlinks before they bring harm to your rankings.
  • Keyword Insight: Keywords is considered as the most important variable in any SEO campaign. It is critical in increasing your site’s rankings. SEOprofiler provides clients a comprehensive keyword insight analytics to better understand the performance and contributions of specific keywords.
  • Increased Keyword Performance: SEOprofiler provides a powerful set of tools to help you gather keywords that will bring the best impact with the least effort. With this, you can also determine the least priced keyword per click based on your Google AdWords. You will know the keywords that your competitors are targeting so you can develop breakthrough SEO campaigns that will help you gain more customers.
  • Reputation Management: More than just easily accessing social media accounts, you can manage your reputation better with the toolset provided by SEOprofiler. It allows you to monitor what your customers are saying about you whether they are good or bad. You can find questions that need to be addressed and benefit largely on networks where your potential customers are talking about your brand and business.
  • Presentable Reports: SEO reports can look very complicated, especially for those who are not aware of what it is and what it means for your marketing strategy. With this SEO tool, you can remove any complexities in your SEO reports and present to your executives with clarity about how your campaign is benefiting the company and the clients. SEOprofiler is known for aesthetically pleasing end reports of everything related to your SEO campaigns.
  • Positive Reviews: SEOprofiler has a proven track record and a long line of positive feedback from previous and present users. There are small start-up companies and even SEO authorities who have tried and tested this tool and can confidently recommend its use for the success of your business.


  • Limited Plan Options: This cloud-based tool allows users to register for free which is a refreshing gesture. But of course, most of the features are locked until you commit to a specific pricing plan. Other toolsets require registration with a credit card, so being able to register for free is a nice offer. Once you get the feel of its interface and how it can potentially help your business, you will be encouraged to try out one of their pricing plans.
  • Above-average costs: another disadvantage is that the subscription fees are slightly higher than other SEO packaged tools offered. This is simply because SEOprofiler has so much more to offer than their competitors. They can position themselves at a premium pricing because they are more inclusive in their features so you can get better rankings and traffic to your site.
  • Competition: If you have been building websites before, you will know that there are hundreds of SEO tools available right now. It is easy to get lost in all their attractive offers and features. If you intend to use any one of these, you have to carefully gauge which one offers the best tools to help you in your business.

At present, SEOprofiler is one of the most highly regarded SEO services available but some users end up choosing something that offers less due to various reasons.

SEOprofiler Trial

Signing up for the SEOprofiler is easy and hassle-free. Like what has been mentioned before, one of its best advantages is that users can sign up for free and even without registering a Credit Card. Their homepage has a massive call for free registration and this attracts a lot of users to try it out.

After registration and upon logging-in, users are given the option to upgrade to various plans in case they want to explore more of its features. The site has a friendly interface and users will immediately know how they can make the most of the site for their SEO campaign. Users can also take advantage of the most popular plan for new users – the $1 for full 30-day use.

This plan is the initial plan that allows users to test out their toolset. This way users will be more inclined to subscribe because they have felt and experienced the full features of the SEO tools. They also allow users to downgrade, cancel or upgrade the account without any strings attached.

SEOprofiler Support

We all need occasional help and assistance with something. Even SEO experts will experience hitting a snag and will require help to fix up something that they cannot do on their own. In the event that you experience any issues with SEOprofiler, you can be confident that there will be a dedicated team to provide comprehensive support services for you.

The site has an adequate help and instruction section with information on various areas of SEO optimization including website auditing, search engine optimization, link building, analysis, reports and more.

You can also find a thorough guide which details all the intricacies of the SEOprofiler toolbox. This document is easily available and accessible. You can always refer to this when you encounter any trouble with the SEOprofiler suite.

In case users need to interact with a customer support representative, SEOprofiler has customer support that responds within 24 hours after a concern is filed.

Regardless of how complex the question is, there will always be someone to address it. Their helpdesk is available in English and German. You don’t have to worry about communicating your queries.

The SEOprofiler blog is also constantly updated with the latest updates and SEO news along with additional features. Check them out regularly to get the latest news about search engines, SEO and online marketing.


Paid traffic is expensive and small start-up companies are left with developing their organic inbound traffic and improve their content marketing with more reliable SEO toolset. SEOprofiler de-mystifies what used to be a complex and frustrating process of search engine optimization by providing users with an all-in-one tool that will improve their website ranking.

There may be hundreds of SEO tools promising wonders for your website ranking. But diligent research and review are needed to find out which one of them is the best choice for your SEO campaign.  There are also SEO tools that do more damage to your site rather than increase its rankings, which you should always be wary of.

It is best to seek out a trusted SEO tool that works according to the guidelines set by Google when it comes to search engine optimization. With this tool, you can tweak and work our campaign towards a more favorable SERP ranking. With more effective keyword choices, optimized content and accurate website audits, your site will have more traffic and generate more sales.

If you have an online business or website that relies on leads and consistent traffic flow, SEOprofiler could be your best investment yet. It is tagged as the “All-in-One” SEO tool for every SEO professional and has so much more to offer than your usual SEO tools. Try out their free registration or take advantage of the initial plan for $1 to enjoy a full 30 days of use to explore and enjoy most of its features.

Is SEOprofiler the Ideal Tool For You?

Are you a website owner or an online business owner who needs to generate sales and direct traffic to your site? Do you have a blog or are you an internet marketer, eCommerce vendor or affiliate marketer? If you are someone who manages any kind of website and monitors everything about link building and search engine optimization, SEOprofiler has an amazing set of services and tools for you.

You might have experienced horrible performances by some shady SEO toolset which you have used before and in worse cases, it could have damaged your rankings too. With SEOprofiler, you are assured that everything about their features and services is in congruence with the policies and guidelines set by Google.

If you are a professional SEO Agent, SEOprofiler is the perfect partner in your craft. Whether you have SEO Clients from an agency or on your own, you will need a reliable all-in-one toolset that can provide you with real results. This is especially true if you have hard to please clients and you need a high performing tool to help you strategize campaigns. It also gives great reports that will surely impress your clients.

The Perfect Solution for your Business