SpamZilla Review

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The difficult part when buying domains, especially expired ones, is the number of hours that it takes to search various domains to find a decent one. While registering a new domain is always advantageous when starting a new business or going online, and you want to use your popular brand name, it pays just to purchase a domain that already has an excellent backlink profile. This Spamzilla review aims to find out the benefits and methods of buying an expired domain name.

When you plan to buy an expired domain, it will involve going back to many years to find a domain that has good outstanding links, then checking out those links, and checking the anchor text. There are millions of websites, and millions more backlinks to review. That will be too much time wasted instead of you focusing on things that matter most, such as creating your content and then outreach. 

The typical way of finding expired domains is to avail of the services of companies such as and DomCop. These online services will save you plenty of time and effort since they list millions of expired domains, together with some basic analytics.

But you can take it one step higher by using Spamzilla instead, which automates background checking every domain that you consider buying. The online service lets you quickly sort through the highest quality domains for the cheapest possible price. 

This service claims that it is very good in analyzing domains and choosing what many domain-hunters have missed. However, it may not be perfect, which means that you still have to do a check to make sure that it is not spammed. Or you can use a separate service like Majestic SEO or Moz Pro to validate the results.

What is Spamzilla?

Spamzilla is a cloud app that searches website auctions and lists of expired domains and goes through each using its proprietary software or service that sort domains previously misused or maltreated.

This is done by first checking GoDaddy Auctions, Pending Delete, GoDaddy Closeouts, Fully Expired, SnapNames and NameJet auctions and APIs from Majestic, Ahref and Moz to get the backlinks, metrics, and text links of every domain.

The cloud app will then feed these domains in the Wayback Machine or and to check if the domain was used as PBNs or as a spam website in the past. The app uses filters and generates a report about outstanding links.

After all the filters, checking and analysis, it will give a Spamzilla Score between 1 to 100. A score of 1 means that the domain is super clean, while a score of 100 means the domain is spammed.

A safe score is 20 and below. However, there could be times when you will spot a domain that has a score of less than 20, but it is spammed. There will be instances when you see spotty domains but are otherwise clean that will score above 20. This simply means that you should have your eyes open when checking domains. The filters are internal guidelines to follow.

Expired domains and their use

An expired domain is one that was not renewed by the owner, making the domain available for re-registration. The expired domains can carry significant SEO value to save you time and money.

An expired domain can be taken advantage of in three ways:

  • Building authority or niche sites – You may build a site that is rich in content on a powerful but expired domain. Building on the expired domain of a niche site may let you rack the first-page ranking on Google.
  • Building a private blog network – Many expired domains may be used in building a high-quality, authoritative site, which you can use to rank your websites. The apps filters will provide the needed information to recommend a website for a PBN. Content marketing posts can do with a little rank push.
  • 301 Redirects – Using a 301 redirect to take the expired domain to your main site will pass over a large chunk of the links and authority from the expired domain. This is a simple code addition to the expired website which will send visitors to your money page.

Spamzilla Pricing

Spamzilla is available in two versions: Free and Paid. The fact that the app keeps on adding new features and working with more auction domain companies expects that in the near future, the price point and pricing scheme will rise.

Free Version

The free version will allow you up to 25 domains per month. There is no access to the full domain list.

Spamzilla’s paid version provides access to the expired domains database, which constantly updates each day. The domains are filtered with industry-standard metrics tools, including Ahrefs (DR, UR), Moz (DA, PA), and Majestic (TF, CF).

The paid version lets you analyze up to 1850 domains a month. When you need to analyze more domains, you can buy additional credits. The paid version costs $37 per month and grants you full access to all its features.

Spamzilla comes in only one price point, which comes with its Spamzilla screening service that will save you a whole lot of time when buying domains.

Spamzilla Features

The best domains are selected for automated spam checking

The first thing you will notice when you use Spamzilla is the massive list of domain names. There is a search bar at the top that allows you to add any keywords, and it will return results, including your keyword. When you type a keyword, it will show you a list of thousands of domains that contain your keyword. There is also a “+” button next to the keyword search bar that lets you add your lists of domains to check.

Every domain that Spamzilla checks results in an SZ score. The result will be divided into three categories: spam, suspicious, and clear. The score is from 1 to 100. Incidents of spam increase with the score. The lower score is better.

Spamzilla analyzes historic and backlink data

The backlinks section lets you take a look at 100 of the backlinks that currently point to the side. While tools such as ahrefs and majestic will let you take a look at the links, it enables you to look at more info available such as the anchor texts of the links and what the word count looks like throughout the history of the site. It analyzes for poor backlinks or spam. It affords the user to avoid spam sites.

Opening the Spamzilla score will let you view plenty of data previously mentioned.

Even if Spamzilla has done an excellent job at filtering domains, you need to double check that the domains are not spammed. It means you have to look closely at the domain history and run the URL in ahrefs to check if ranked for junk keywords.

Wayback Machine for History

Spamzilla uses a lot the Wayback machine’s archives and history. This is a lot better than sorting through each year as it saves time and money. It is vital in the screening domain.

You must go through every screenshot image, because a single screenshot could be the difference between a good and bad domain.

Discover only clean domains with powerful backlinks

Spamzilla is the only database of expiring domains with existing backlinks data. The app will not show you a list of expired domains that do not have powerful backlinks.

More Domain Information

Spamzilla affords an easy view of the backlinks of the domain and redirects. It also affords a view of the traffic drops and past word counts. These statistical data may indicate that a domain was used for PBN or spam. The app also shows DNS history and domain drop count or how many times the website had expired. This information is useful to know when you are manually checking if a domain was used as PBN. It is easy to use this app with others, like Moz to integrate your domain search efforts.

Spamzilla Trial

You don’t have to subscribe immediately to Spamzilla if you are not sure yet how the tool will work. Although many people claim that they benefit a lot from the app, you do not know if it will work for your needs.

The best way to try Spamzilla first is to sign up for the free version. Enter your email address to sign up for free. Signing up with your email address allows you to use the app to review up to 25 domains a month. This account will give you some good metrics and help you decide if the domain names you are considering to purchase are spam-free or not. Joining is simple, all you need is an email address.

Once you are satisfied with how the free version work, you can upgrade to the paid version, which will give you full access to the various metrics of the tool.

The free version allows users to have basic access to the tool, which is limited to a review of up to 25 domains a month. While the trial will give you some help, one domain daily is not enough to get a decent amount of information that will guide you in your purchase of expired domains.

Spamzilla Pros and Cons


  • It wins on price
  • It shows DNS history and the count of domain drops
  • It has a WayBack Exporting tools


  • Checked domains still need a second good look
  • It is a matter of time before it raises its price
  • The free version has a very limited access

Spamzilla Review Conclusion

Spamzilla has proved that it does a great job of confirming the credibility of domain names. You will be provided with plenty of data from popular SEO tools that cost a lot more money when you subscribe to these services.

You will have great domain choices as the app continuously adds newly expired domains to its database. This helps you simplify your work and makes it easier.

To avail all the features, comes at a cost. The free version allows everyone to try out the app. In turn, users can see if it fits their needs.

If you are serious about buying expired domains, paying to access Spamzilla’s huge database will be worth your money. 

After presenting to you the Spamzilla review, you can now decide if you will get a subscription to this effective tool or not.